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E-Learning Portal for the Primary.

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SSR Educational Portal

Innovating in Teaching 1991 - 2013

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1991 - 93 : attended a teacher training course at

                   the Mauritius Institute of Education


1994 -98  : working over  appropriate teaching

                   strategies to suit the high flyers as

                   well as those with learning difficulties.


1998  - 99  : bought a computer and scanned all the

                     school textbooks and  the examination

                     papers along with interesting notes.

                      Using OCR techniques I built up my

                      database of booklets with notes and

                     exam questions inserted (modular)


2000 - 01 : implementing this Approach in a school

                  with  results above 70 % of passes


2002   :  1. self initiation to web designing and

                  creation of interactive exercises

                  Publishing school website


              2. Launching Edu-Tech Project

                 with the help of ICT Pro settled 

                 abroad to prepare an E-Learning



            3. Trochetia Award Winner


2003     : 1. www.edutech.mu was launch with

                   claroline. Promoting the idea of

                   teaching with Technology.


             2.  Joined Alex Vellin Cybercentre

                 ( Microsoft Sponsored) as a Resource

                 Person to provide free ICT initiation

                 Sessions to children of the township of

                 Beau Bassin Rose Hill especially

                  SOS Village kids. It was the

                  first time i got to know about Microsoft

                  Computer in the classroom project

2004      : launched my own educational centre to

                 promote teaching with technology at

                 Camp Levieux Rose Hill where the % of

                failure was high. I had a Pentium II &

                a Pentium IV Computer along with a

                 scanner and a printer.  

                 The response was superb and I was

                 successful in my attempt to bridge

                 digital divide


2005     : Started creating materials from PPT

                presentations converted into dvd.

                People rushed to get their copies, only

                     the cost of burning was charged


2006    : I was posted to a very low performing

              school and I became the first teacher

              to teach with technology in his

              classroom. I had my own vide projector,

              laptop and wireless internet connection.

              The kids were just enjoying the

              classes. On a visit to the school

              a well-wisher was so impressed that

             he offered a video projector to the

             I was asked to participate in a

             competition by the MES/University

             of Cambridge to recognise teachers

             who were making use of ICT to teach

                 I was the awardee and I attended a fully

              sponsored Professional Teacher Training

              Program in Dubai. (UAE) in Nov 2006

2007  :  My collaborators from abroad due to

             their time constraints, could not focus

             on the Edu-Tech Project and I embarked

             to master the techniques of e-learning

             Portal Management along with server

             administration. I eventually published

             the e- learning portal with Moodle.

            The parents liked my willingness to move

             ahead with teaching with technology.


2008 :  The school administration was against

             the use of ICT tools and so I had to

              revert to traditional teaching, but

              I took a one-storey house near the

              school on rent and converted it into

             a digital classroom or my children after

             school hours. I invested my money and

             my efforts paid off as most of the children

              as expected succeeded in their exams

              and secured a seat in a college


              The same year I expressed the desire

               to make every child benefit  by lookiing

               for sponsors. In response the Municipal

              Council of Beau Bassin Rose Hill offered

              to provide the funds to come up with two

              educational dvd along with booklets.

              I created the educational dvds and

               the booklets or free for  all the pupils

               from the low performing schools in the

               township. Even today the educational

                dvds are being used unfortunately the

               municipal council did not come up with

              the second phase.

              The ministry was holding working sessions

               for teachers responsible of children

               learning difficulties and I was called to

               demonstrate how ICT had been helping

               me in my tasks. The teachers were very

              enthusiastic but surprisingly the ministry

              did not do a follow up                   


2009    : A professional Web developer offered

              to design and put online an E-Learning

              Portal and I registered SSR.MU to

              honour the Father of The Nation.

              SSR.MU E-Learning Portal was online


              The same year I participated in

               INFOTECH 2009 an annual event for

               ict, it was a very great experience


              Participated in the Call for Creative

              Teachers Competition by TESSA,

             came up 4th . my project was among

            those submitted for judging by TESSA

            and they placed on record my initiatives

            of using technology

2010    Moved to a very tough school where

            there was a complete absence of

           classroom discipline, I inspired them

           by the use of video projectors and laptop

           To demonstrate the change we

            participated in CASTME/

            Primary Innovative Educator Award


2011    I acquired an IQ Board and fixed it

           in my classroom, it was a great thing

         as the Sankore Project was introduced

         months later. Lesson delivery was just

         an exciting experience. I moved around

         with the IQBoard to   give as many children

         the chance of working with an IWB




2012 : I was again in charge of a difficult class

            to handle and this time I opted for e-beam

            technology to make my classroom much

            more lively. My Epson printer equipped

            with CISS helped me t provide the children

            with as many worksheets as possible.

            I showcased my teaching and I was selected

            to represent Mauritius in Marrakech and

            was shorlisted for the Global Forum but

            was not selected


2013   : 1. running a fully digital teaching centre

            2.  empowering parents to help their

                 children in the teaching and learning


           3.  Creating interactive dvds

           4.   running and updating the SSR.MU

                 E-Learning Portal.

           5.  Providing ict initiation sessions to


          6.   Preparing to officially  launch Mauritian

                Innovative Educators’ Club and

         7.   an Online Primary School with all the

                facilities to make teaching and learnng

                a pleasant experience and help children

                to secure excellent results and becoming

                independent learners

        8.    Participated in

             Microsoft Innovative Educator – Expert

Comments from Parents using the Portal

july 16, 2013

Apprendre mille et une chose sans que ce soit une corvee.....!!
Quel plaisir d'entendre ses enfants vouloir travailler sans qu'on le leur demande!
L'informatique! quoi de mieux pour cela?
Avec son programme inter-actif Monsieur Nasser Beeharee a gagne son pari...
Mais faut- il neanmoins qu'un tel projet soit adopte dans tout le systeme educatif de notre pays qui malheureusement peine a entrer dans l'ere de la technologie;  alors que bientot  l'ecriture fera partie du passe  dans les grands pays laissant la place au monde du tactile et du clavier.....
Chapeau bas Monsieur et bonne continuation
N. J



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